14th January 2010 Cognac to Oradour sur Glane

14 01 2010

The plan was, get up, go to the laundrette up the road, walk Jack whilst washing is doing, collect washing, have lunch, go to Oradour sur Glane.

We managed all of that, but what we hadn’t planned for was being escorted off the N141 by Police.

About an hour into our journey, full of fuel, full of GPL, empty of waste and unfortunately empty of water too, I was happily cruising along at 90kmh when I noticed that the temperature guage was at maximum. I immediately pulled over on the hard shoulder to investigate. I hadn’t even got out of the motorhome and I saw flashing blue lights in my rear view. Great, I thought! I got out on the safe side, wearing my flourescent vest, to go and tell them why I had pulled over realising half way through the short walk that I wouldn’t be able to tell them, the’re French. Lorna to the rescue, also suitably attired. The policeman then said that we needed to go 1km further on and use the exit as this was a fast road and we would be safer off it. We got back in and the police car sat behind us as we made our way slowly up the hard shoulder, even blocking the inside lane when we went over a narrow section. We exited and parked up in a lay by whilst the police sped past waving kindly.

I had a look at the coolant level and it was fine, and not exceptionally hot, oil level was fine too. Stumped, I got back in and took another look at the temperature guage. It was up and down like a fiddlers elbow! We decided that it was probably faulty and continued on our route somewhat cautiously until we came across a garage of some description. We spotted a Renault dealership and drove in, Lorna again charged with the task of trying to explain our problem. Minutes later we were sat in the workshop whilst a French mechanic had a look and explained that the engine was fine and it was the guage that was faulty. We gave him an English fruit cake Lorna had bought me for Christmas.

Eventually we arrived at our destination despite the sat nav taking us the long way round and via a supermarket!

Tea was fresh bread, salami, parma ham, rice and tomato.




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