13th January 2010 Cognac

13 01 2010

We spent most of this morning making sure that Jack had a good walk and this took us from the motorhome into Cognac centre, via the old town which sits behind the massive Hennessy building which dominates the river bank.

I have had a particular photo in mind since arriving in France, a French street with typical French houses/buildings and a cobbled street. In Cognac old town this scene abounds so I was keen to get this photo as we walked. Luckily it had continued raining so the cobbles had a nice sheen on them too.

A Street in Cognac

We had a plan to do our first wash (of clothes) in the afternoon but we then had a vist from Barry who was in the motorhome next to us. The washing idea soon went out of the window when nearly two hours had passed before we finished. After about an hour of us chatting I went outside for a cigarette as Jack was wanting a ‘break’, minding my own business I was approached by a chap who had been sat on the riverside on his scooter for a while. He asked if I was English and although he couldn’t speak it I soon got the gist that he was offering me drugs. I didn’t buy any.

After Barry had left we walked back into town and bought some bread and wine, the basics, returned to the van and had tea, enjoying another night of free electricity.




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