12th January 2010 L’Aiguillon sur Mer to Cognac

12 01 2010

We hung around at L’Aiguillon sur Mer for too long really, making the most of the wi-fi connection. By the time we got to leave it was early afternoon and we hadn’t decided exactly where we were going. We knew that we needed to eat some lunch and buy some provisions but after that we were pretty clueless as to where our overnight stop would be. We had a plan to go to La Rochelle but neither of us fancied the look of the aires there, both preferring less ‘city centre’ type places so we headed into the next town to where we were looking for somewhere to eat and a supermarket.. We failed to find somewhere to eat and the supermarket was closed for lunch (everything closes for lunch, not for just an hour either, normally two hours) but did meet up with a chap and his wife from Northumberland who were in an old but quite large American RV, towing a car. We had a quick chat and compared notes before we moved off again heading for, somewhere!

When we passed the next supermarket we managed to get supplies and lunch all in one stop, it was over a ham and tomato baguette that we decided to give La Rochelle a miss and just go straight to Cognac. The weather was horrendous anyway so we may as well be driving as sitting in the motor home twiddling our thumbs.

We arrived in Cognac at about 5pm and grabbed the last of the four spaces on the aire, right next to another English guy. Free electricity meant that we plugged in and recharged everything as well as using our electric heater as the gas was showing one bottle very low. It rained, and rained and rained but the ‘roast’ chicken we had for tea was most excellent and lifted our spirits somewhat.




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