10th to 11th January 2010

11 01 2010

10th January 2010 L’Epine.

Spent the day walking Jack, uploading blogs and pictures using the  free wifi connection in Noirmoutier and spending some time early  evening with Daniele, a 66 year old Fench guy who was travelling  France for a while following a row with his wife, he had a machete in  his motor home, he showed it to us.

We slept well.

11th January 2010 L’Epine to L’Aiguillon sur Mer.

A final run on the beach at L’Epine was follows by a journey south heading toward La Rochelle. The scenery stayed pretty much the same  with what I consider to be very Portugese style houses, terracotta  roofs and brightly painted doors, gates and window shutters. We  followed the D38 along the coast but were not able to see the sea,  instead acres and acres of fields interrupted occasionally by some  quite nice towns, all of which were covered in snow, the first real  evidence of snow we have seen since we landed in Calais on Christmas  Eve last year (sounds impressive doesn’t it?)

We decided not to travel the extra hour to La Rochelle from the small  town of  L’Aiguillon sur Mer where we parked next to both the very  flash tourist office and a small port. From the look of the tourist  office one would think that the town had something special to offer  but in reality, once you left the office and walked past the dead cat  into town there was not a lot there and even less was open. It really  makes me wonder how the French economy keeps going, everywhere we seem  to go that isn’t a large town is essentially closed save for the  Tabac, the Boulanger and the Florist!

We also managed to get a free (well nearly at 1 Euro for 24 hours) wi-fi connection so I managed to update this blog to the best it has been so far, i.e. completely up to date! and including a photograph taken tonight!

Wrecked Boat at L'Aiguillon sur Mer

Tomorrow, La Rochelle.




4 responses

11 01 2010
David Turner

“he had a machete in his motor home” – all of a sudden my envy has waned…!

11 01 2010

Don’t be daft – they’ve got Jack.


….On second thoughts!

12 01 2010

just managed to get myself completely up to date on both yours and lornas blogs. you are a fine pair of prolific bloggers between the two of you to be sure. i fear that your ability to blog may exceed my ability to read. maybe i can have the ocasional day of work ( you rememeber that ) to catch up… keep it coming…..

13 01 2010
joyce green mom

wed 13/01/2010 snowing here I’m very bored just looked at lornas blog quite interesting like her photos get more of an idea what the places are like markets etc. Im just about to walk along the canal to stourbridge for something to do.
love mom

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