A Morning Out

16 11 2009

I finally managed tyo get out for a bit of photography this morning with a friend who I used to work with, one of those people that you really should see more of but for some reason you never seem to be able to tie up with, but today we managed it.

We had a drive down to Ironbridge, parked up and then realised that we had no change for the parking meter, we had two fivers between us. The nearest shop was a short walk away but we got chatting to a couple who very kindly gave us the £1 to park. There are some lovely people about.

A walk along the river  produced a couple of shots but our time was mainly concentrated on faffing about with flash, the light was fairly flat but occasionally the sun burst through giving some lovely light.

This was taken from the path looking toward the houses on the hills overlooking Ironbridge with Marks 70-200 f/2.8 L just at the point where the sun was hitting the houses full on.

Ironbridge Light

We then walked up to the Church that overlooks the Ironbridge and shot a few scenes there. This is my portrait of Mark, taken with the leading lines of the tall brick wall behind him to add effect. It worked better in mono than in colour.


After this we decided to go to the fields just outside of Much Wenlock, the scene of some of my favorite photos. The sunlight was raking across the landscape throwing long shadows from the trees that inhabit the area. Coupled with the rolling hills it really is a sight to see. I hope I did it justice with this shot.

Trees and Light

And this one taken in the adjacent field, borrowing Marks 70-200mm lens again as I had left mine at home.

Trees and Light


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