Insuring with Aviva – Update

13 10 2009

In fairness to Aviva I think I should update things for those that have read my previous blog post here.

Today I have been on the phone to the company that deals with the actual replacement of the items stolen, iVal (site under construction). They have asked for receipts, proofs of ownership and anything else that shows that I owned the items that I was claiming for, despite the fact that original receipts etc were sent along with the original claim to Aviva it appeared that they actually didn’t have them, I’m kind of thinking that this is Aviva’s communication problem raising its head again as dealing with iVal has been fairly pain free.

After I sent them photographs of receipts, copies of invoices etc they handled the claim very well, replacing my expensive lenses and other items without any problems. There was a slight issue when they were trying to replace my Cowon D2 media player as their suppliers didn’t supply that model. I was offered at first a Samsung MP3 player which upon investigation was for sale at half the price of the Cowon and didn’t have the expandability, when I questioned this I was offered a Creative Zen XFi-2 which does fit the bill in the main, however, I have owned 2 Creative Zen players and both have had to be sent back due to malfunction so I wasn’t prepared to take the risk again. This was an issue and I had to really stand my ground as they were offering a ‘cash settlement’ of £104 which wouldn’t allow me to replace ‘like for like’ which my policy states. Eventually they gave in and gave me a full cash settlement for this item……..result #1.

With this issue I was expecting further problems with the replacement of my main laptop which I got for a bargain price two years ago, 17″ screen, separate graphics card and dual processor performance all for £450. I was expecting problems as  I couldn’t find one with similar features for the same price, they had already offered an Advent model with a 15″ screen and onboard graphics, nowhere near what was stolen.

My first call resulted in them asking for the receipt, which I had already sent with the original claim (Aviva communications again?) I also sent the specifications of the stolen laptop and made it clear that these were key in my original buying decision and that any replacement would need these features (17″ screen etc etc). My expectation of problems was soon put to bed when they called back and offered a replacement that had the features that I needed. Checking it out further I found that the replacement was at a higher price than I originally paid, but no problem because of the specification match that I was insisting on. Shows what a good deal I had when I first bought it. Better still, they then offered vouchers for the two replacement laptops at full retail value, this means that I will be able to go into PCWorld/Currys/Dixons whatever and buy what I want……..anything up to the value of the vouchers………result #2.

The only thing that slightly annoys me is that we had a number of ‘older’ mobile phones stolen which they are replacing directly. We don’t really need these but as they were stolen we decided that we should claim for them anyway. They won’t give us a cash settlement for these so we will have 4 new mobile phones that we don’t need……..never mind.

So, in summary, the dealing with Aviva was at times  a bit of a nightmare but when that was eventually sorted and I was dealing with iVal things improved significantly. Well done them for the time being as we still have to sort the stolen jewellery out, I’m leaving that to Lorna!




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