‘Wild Camping’ at Lake Vyrnwy.

12 10 2009

Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th October 2009 – 310 kms

After a week of decorating we decided that we should get away for the weekend and make our first attempt at ‘wild camping’ to get us used to the idea of parking the motorhome in a fairly remote place and spending the night there. After numerous searches to find a suitable place not to far away we decided on Lake Vyrnwy, a large Severn Trent reservoir which is about 60 miles away from where we live. Not too far away, recommended by many as a perfect ‘wild camping’ spot and beautifully picturesque……..seemed like a great place for our first experience.

We packed the motorhome up (now lovingly called Heidi as we have seen various references to this name in the owners handbook from the previous owner) and made our way there, ignoring the weather which was extremely windy with bouts of rain. I had been to the lake previously on a Shropshire Community Flickr meet and knew of a decent sized, flat car park at the top end of the lake which is close to a massive waterfall. Having only been once before, and on that occasion I was a passenger, I turned up the road which I thought led to the car park, however, I was wrong and was happily proceeding up a single track road signposted ‘Not Suitable For Heavy Vehicles or Trailers’ which got more narrow the further we went. With Lorna getting more jittery the further we went I admitted defeat and made a perfect three point turn in a small passing place (requiring Lorna to watch the back of the motor home so I didn’t reverse off the road and down a hill) and then carried on along the main road to the place where I initially thought I was going.

After navigating a tighter than comfortable entrance which provided a little entertainment for some people just returning to their cars, we parked up and took a short walk with Jack up to the waterfall before returning and waiting for dark to fall.

We had seen a chap in a white transit van enter and leave the car park that we were on a couple of times and really thought nothing of it until he pulled in again and parked up close to our motorhome, obviously a walker (to me anyway, Lorna was picturing axe murderer, or pervert) we later had a chat with him initially asking if he was stopping the night as well, which he was. A bit of comfort for us on our first ‘wild camping’ exercise. No shared drinks or wine on this occasion, I’m sure we’ll get used to it.

Parked up at Lake Vyrnwy as the sun sets.

Parked up at Lake Vyrnwy as the sun sets.

We slept soundly that night with no disturbances at all, we did however wake quite early and were sat at 8.30am the next day on a different car park looking over the lake……..cooking bacon sandwiches and drinking nice hot milky coffee. Fed and watered we went for a stroll around the sculpture park which is close to the dam before deciding what we were going to do that day. In the end we decided that a nice steady drive up to Bala was in order so we set off and made our way through the countryside, up and over Bala mountain itself and then around the lake, navigating a few tight lanes along the way, something I seem to gravitate toward when I’m driving the wider than normal motorhome.

I had read about a pub just outside of Corwen called The Goat Inn which welcomes people in motorhomes and allows them to stay overnight on their car park if they have a drink or a meal there. We needed to eat so I phoned ahead and confirmed they were serving and that we would be able to stay if we wanted. Unfortunately the car park there is not exactly ideal for stopping overnight as it is on a very steep hill with maybe only one place that was level so we decided that stopping was not the best idea, great of the owners to allow this sort of thing and something that more pubs that have large car parks should do in my opinion. At the pub I had the biggest mixed grill I have ever seen and we finished the day off with a nice walk around the surrounds with Jack before heading back home.

Job done, our first experience with ‘wild camping’ though I feel a bit daft using that expression as it’s hardly wild with a fridge, gas hob, toilet, shower, TV and heating now is it!




5 responses

12 10 2009
David Turner

Sounds like you had a lot of fun – keep on blogging!

13 10 2009

A very civilised sort of ‘wild’, but the main thing is you’re enjoying it. I hope Heidi takes you all on many more adventures.

13 10 2009

RV camping looks like a blast, I really would like to give it a shot sometime (just need an RV, till then, tent & hammock camping will do)

25 10 2009

So, you navigated your way over Bala mountain? Brave man!

25 10 2009
Steve Green

Yep, we went over it. The van even managed a decent speed up the hill!

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