A few days away and then……..

3 09 2009

Lorna and I went on holiday for the first time in ages last week. We went down to Exmouth and stayed at a camping site just outside the town centre. Two reasons for this, firstly my mom has a time share down there where she goes every year on the same weekend, secondly, we had arranged to look at a Hymer 564 motor-home which was located in Perranporth (ok so it’s 2 hours away but it’s still closer than going from home!).

The first day that we were there we pitched our tent and has a general look around the area and later in the evening arranged to go and see the motor-home that was for sale the following day.

We have been looking for a motor-home on and off for a number of months but only really to get in our heads what layout we wanted. We knew that we needed a solar panel as we intend to ‘wild camp’ for the majority of the nights that we will be away, we wanted air con, we needed room for Jack to sleep and most of all (as far as I was concerned) we wanted an A class vehicle, the bed pulls down instead of being in an ‘overcab’ position making much better use of the living space.

I had seen the motor-home we were going to look at for sale previously but the price was too high for us so when it was re-advertised and reduced we had to go and have a look as it had everything that we wanted.

After a 2 hour drive to Perranporth we arrived at the owners home and had a good look around the vehicle, it was perfect……absolutely perfect. I think that both Lorna and I knew as soon as we walked through the door that it was the one for us so after a break to discuss what we should be offering we went on a test drive, again, perfect. I could now spout on about lots of very strange coincidences but I won’t as I am still struggling to believe what I think I should, or shouldn’t (if you don’t understand that last line then  you are probably as confused as I am!)

The upshot was that we loved the motor-home, agreed a price and have arranged collection in a couple of weeks……….wahoooooo, the European travelling adventure is a step closer!

Back to the holiday. Mom arrived on the Saturday and we met in a pub in Topsham where they were holding a Town Crier competition, after we watched that for a while we wandered around Topsham town and I took a few snaps of interesting doors, windows and vents (usual minimalist style where these things were concerned). Can’t post any at the moment unfortunately. We decided not to go to the big carnival that is held in the town later in the evening, electing instead to cook ‘camping food’ at the tent and drink wine 🙂

The next few days we experienced variable weather, nothing stunning and nothing particularly bad, and we generally pottered about visiting places like Sidmouth, Budleigh Sultertton, Exmouth and embarking of long walks with Jack. We were preparing to go out for a curry on the Tuesday night when we had a phonecall saying that our house had been burgled, so after a few discussions on what to do we headed home just as the night fell (preceded with much fun dismantling the tent and packing up in the dark). Holiday cut short by a full week!

When we arrived home early on Wednesday morning we saw the scale of the damage caused and the losses suffered. Windows broken, holes in the wall where the brick hit, lots of mess upstairs where the drawers had been searched and, unsurprisingly, a lot of my ‘gadget’ stuff missing. Two laptops (thus the reason I can’t post any pictures), two lenses (one of them the EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L (IS) USM), gaming machines, MP3 players etc etc.


Anyway, our insurance company is pretty good judging from our recent dealings with them so we shouldn’t lose out any and hopefully they will be fairly quick dealing with the claim. In the meantime we are looking forward to sorting more stuff out at home and collecting the motor-home in a couple of weeks! When I get a decent laptop I will post some photos from the holiday, though not as many as I would have liked for obvious reasons.




5 responses

3 09 2009

Am intrigued about the coinkydinks.

4 09 2009
David Turner

Sorry to hear about the break-in, obviously, but pleased that your travel plans are now further advanced.

4 09 2009

That sucks – I hope the individuals guilty are found and delt with promptly!

4 09 2009

Horrible way to end a holiday, Steve. Fingers-crossed for a swift insurance settlement.

6 09 2009
Simon Butler

Saw that you had been burgled on TP and AVF – very bad news indeed, hope it gets sorted soon.

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