Shropshire Community Summer BBQ

2 08 2009

You would think that organising a barbecue for the 1st of August would be a pretty safe bet weather wise however, being England I suppose you should definitely never take the weather for granted. To be fair, the forecast had said all along that we should be expecting heavy rain all day so preparations were made to give us some cover should the forecast actually be right for once, updated forecasts on the day suggested that the rain would stop later on in the day. As it happens they were spot on with their predictions, the rain came, very heavily at times, soaking the gazebos we had put up and even leaking through in places so all we could do was hope that the forecasts were right. 3pm came and the clouds cleared and by the time people started arriving at 4pm even the sun was trying to make an appearance………bonus!

Rarely in front of the camera

Rarely in front of the camera

The barbecue was being held for members of the Shropshire Community group on Flickr, the photo sharing website where I seem to spend most of my on-line time. The group has around 150 members but a core of around 30 that are regular contributors who go on monthly meets and stay in touch via the website. It’s a really vibrant and friendly group which has made both Lorna and I some really good friends, so hosting the barbecue was a real pleasure for us.

As well as a common love of photography there is also a select group of us who share a common love for real ale, so a trip down to the All Nations to get a barrel of their Dabley Gold ensured plenty of liquid refreshment was available………a real bargain too, £85 for 72 pints 🙂



For a bit of fun, Lorna and I decided to have a raffle with some really great prizes all sourced from the depths of some of our less used cupboards and drawers. Prizes included an 8Mb compact flash card (8Mb??!!), a sandwich toaster that Lorna won in a raffle a while ago, a telephone extension cable, a DVD of The Producers which we never managed to watch past the first ten minutes, a VHS tape of Heartbreak Ridge (one of my favorite Clint Eastwood films)……..all quality items!

Some of the group

Some of the group

That shot was taken well into the night so some were edging toward being a little worse for wear, either that or they had been sampling some insanely hot home made chilli sauce that one of the group bought with them. As is normal with any kind of gathering at our house, later into the night the karaoke machine came out and some rather ropey singing made a great finish to a wonderful evening. We even managed to raise some money for the Severn Hospice




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2 08 2009

A splendid evening, with all the thanks due to Steve and Lorna’s hard work and extreme bravery (sheer foolhardiness?) in allowing us to wreck their fine garden. I can only second what Steve says about the friendliness and liveliness of the Shropshire Community – a grand bunch. Long may it thrive.

2 08 2009

Yes – twas a good craic. :o)
(yes – Nez has a wordpress blog….sadly neglected for a while!)

2 08 2009
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