Shift Time – Primordial Soup

24 06 2009

I went along to The Quarry in Shrewsbury to day to meet up with Clinton Chaloner, a sculptor who is in the process of creating an art installation as part of the Shift Time Arts Festival.

Sculptor - Clinton Chaloner

Sculptor - Clinton Chaloner

Clinton has been sculpting for 8 years. His work is mainly based around his fascination with microscopic forms and he brings these to ‘life’ by sculpting the forms out of large pieces of wood, his favorite being oak. He doesn’t just do this by himself though, he has been on site in The Quarry since mid-June and had not only shared his knowledge by holding workshops with local schools, he has also encouraged passers by to get involved and learn the subtle art of wood sculpting for themselves, something that Clinton believes is helpful towards relaxation and well being.

Tying in with the Shift Time Festival and linking in with Darwinism he aims to create an ‘evolutionary nature reserve of creatures that did not make it‘.

Just as he started his project in The Quarry a fellow Flickr user, Sue Jones, went along and took some photographs of some of the creations that had already been finshed, her set on Flickr can be seen by clicking here.

By the end of the festival there should be some very weird and wonderful sculpted creatures to see, in all different shapes and sizes.




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