Shift Time…..Where it all starts.

3 06 2009
The Hive in Shrewsbury

The Hive in Shrewsbury

My first ever blog post………

Yesterday I attended a meeting held at The Hive in Shrewsbury relating to the upcoming Shift Time Arts Festival which is due to hit the town in early July. Part of this festival relates to blogging and how, through local people blogging the event, a wider audience can be reached.

I have had my own website ( for a while now but have never really done a lot with it, I learnt a bit about building websites, had a fiddle and published it and from that point onwards have not updated it. Rather pointless.

So, inspired by the meeting yesterday my blog is born.

I have had an on line presence for a good while now, being a regular contributor to various forums, having my own Flickr account and more recently participating in the joys of both Facebook and Twitter. Flickr has been the most valuable to me and through it I have made some good friends who share the common interest of photography (and real ale, but that is a happy accident). I have seen various blogs in the past and know people who use them but they have never really inspired much interest, to  me it seemed like a lot of bother to constantly update and diarise my life which I think that other people really wouldn’t be interested in, that was until yesterday.

After listening to Pete Ashton talk about his and various others blogs I realised that there is actually a lot of value in publishing regularly to a personal blog, particularly if you include lots of links to other peoples activities, and that there is a big opportunity being provided by the Arts Council who are funding this part of the Shift Time festival, so thanks to them for that!

Pete Ashton and Rebecca Owen - Blogging Project Managers

Pete Ashton and Rebecca Owen - Blogging Project Managers

So, where from here?

Well, more training courtesy of the Shift Time Festival blogging managers (above) will hopefully see this blog develop and provide an initial subject matter that will actually be interesting. In the long term the blog will hopefully replace my current website (free stuff is good) and be a constantly updated record of my activities and thoughts.

My wife Lorna will also be blogging about the Shift Time festival on her blog here




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3 06 2009

Hi Steve – looks great. Thanks for linking to my blog. If I can work out how to link to yours on mine I’ll put yours up!



3 06 2009

Well done, Steve — you beat me to it!

17 06 2009
Shift Time – Naturebots « The Blog of Steve Green

[…] thing that all started off this blog is in my first post here and, as part of the Shift-Time festival I will be blogging the event and my involvement in […]

3 09 2009
Bill Bartmann

Excellent site, keep up the good work

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